Get Off Your Robot Festival premiered in July 2016.

The three day Festival kicked off with a Book Presentation of The BeatTips Manual and The Art of Sampling at Cafe Leopold (Museumsquartier). The author Amir Said (NYC), also founder of BeatTips.com, hosted and led a panel discussion on the Art of Beatmaking with fellow beatmakers and panelists Ghanaian Stallion (Berlin) and Brenk Sinatra (Vienna).


On the second day the Festival hosted dance workshop in Breaking and Hip Hop. The Breaking (B-Boying) Workshop was led by Raphael Hillebrand from Berlin. To teach the Hip Hop Workshop, we invited Linda Hayford from Rennes (France).

The third day continued with a dance battle at the Dschungel Theater in Museumsquartier. Dancers competed in House dance, Hip Hop and Breaking. The Judges were Sekou Heru (NYC), Linda Hayford and Raphael Hillebrand. Musically the event was led by DJ Zuzee, Vienna and DJ Rafiki from Paris.

The Festival ended with a dance party at Heuer am Karlsplatz with tunes by DJ Rafiki and Christoph Wagner (Jazzdination Vienna).